This is She is a self-care and beauty brand that focuses primarily on women and alleviating their daily struggles with their make up. The purpose behind the brand and its products is to make the lives of these women easier. Here are our beliefs:   

Quality: Quality above all. This is She was created with the belief that quality should not have to be compromised for affordability. TIS was designed to bring new and innovative products using the the best quality and safest ingredients out there.

For Women, By Women: This is She believes in girl power! As a women-led brand, focusing mainly on women, TIS believes that us women deserve only the best when it comes to self-care and it is our responsibility here at TIS to the women to provide them the best.  

Accountability and Integrity: The brand does not promise quality without being certain of it internally. TIS will not make false or untested claims for the sake of financial gain.

Customer Commitment: To develop relationships with the customers that makes a measurable impact in their lives.