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Billionaire lashes are the most dramatic and voluminous lashes of our Premium Collection. The hand-picked premium mink hair and the flexible band are your go-to's for a full glam look.


      > Premium Quality Product
      > Natural, Fluffy, Gorgeous
      > Reusable up to 30 times
      > Soft & Comfortable
      > Canadian Brand
      >Perfect for Full Glam or Soft Glam or Natural Impact

      How to apply ?

      Gently remove lashes from the tray, starting from the outer edge, and wiggle to loosen the band.

      Rest the strip along your lash line and trim the lash as needed to ensure the perfect fit for your eye shape. The strip should start where your natural eyelashes begin and end.

      Apply a thin layer of glue along with the band of the lashes. As a general rule, the glue should be no wider than the band of the lashes. Wait a few seconds for it to go tacky before application. OR you can use TIS SmartLiner™ for quicker and easier application.

      Using tweezers, place the lash where your natural eyelashes begin. Look down and press the strip lash against your lash line in the center, the outer edge, and the inner corner.